Non-essential retail to reopen in Wales next week, Scotland week after

Non-essential retail to reopen in Wales next week, Scotland week after

The Welsh and Scottish governments have confirmed the dates for when non-essential retailers in their countries can finally start to exit lockdown and reopen their stores.

Wales is expected to allow all non-essential retail shops to reopen from Monday, while Scotland will allow outdoor markets and shops to reopen from June 29 if they have outdoor entrances and exits.

Non-essential retailers in England were allowed to begin reopening from this week while Northern Ireland lifted lockdown restrictions last Friday.

As with neighbouring countries in the UK, the shops in Wales and Scotland will be allowed to welcome customers again as long as they follow guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers.

However, unlike in England social distancing is written into law in Wales, and compels all employers to make provisions for their workers to keep two metres apart.

In addition, the Welsh administration is not expected to change its guidance that people should not travel more than five miles.

On Thursday, health minister Vaughan Gething told the government’s daily press briefing he did not want to see a repeat of scenes in England where crowds of people were pictured standing close together outside stores.

“I don’t want to see a repeat of crowds bunched together outside shops in complete breach of what social distancing guidance is supposed to deliver,” he said.

“I don’t want to see workers put at risk, I don’t want to see shoppers put at risk.”

The easing of lockdown restrictions on other high street businesses, such as pubs, cafes, or restaurants, is slated for July but the UK Government has not yet confirmed anything.

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