BRC links with ShopperTrak for better footfall tracking

The British Retail Consortium has announced a new partnership with ShopperTrak to launch a new monthly footfall tracking report, the BRC-ShopperTrack Footfall Monitor, from March 16.

The BRC called ShopperTrak “the UK’s market leader in in-store footfallmeasurement”. So what has it got that won it over? It said the index “delivers insights based on input from more than 1.5 million data collection devices in the retail marketplace and 40 billion shopper visits captured each year”.

And with footfall being a hugely topical issue as UK consumers switch to online shopping in large numbers, the retailer body added that the new Monitor “aims to improve the way [it] measures footfall by aggregating entries to stores across thousands of UK locations”.

It explained that many other monitors only count visits to retail areas, rather than entries into the stores themselves.  

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium, said: “Our new partnership with ShopperTrak is an excellent opportunity to provide our members with the most accurate indicator of the health of the high street. This venture will allow us to present a more complete picture of UK retail landscape, including the possibilities and challenges both now and in the future. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop this new product.”

The next report from the partnership will be released on April 20.