Majestic managing director John Colley exits


Majestic’s managing director John Colley is leaving the business after getting it “back on its feet”.

Colley is departing for an unknown new role closer to his young family in the South of England. His last day will be May 31.

Chief executive Rowan Gormley will take on Colley’s responsibilities – no other management changes will be made.

Majestic said that Colley had “played a key part in the first phase of the transformation of Majestic Retail” by personalising the business and rebuilding its processes.

Gormley thanked Colley for getting Majestic “back on its feet”.

He added: “For the first time in many years, Majestic is organically growing sales and our job is now to accelerate that by building our customer base through loyalty.

“This is exactly what gets me excited and what I love doing so it’s a perfect time for me to get more involved.”

Colley arrived at Majestic in September 2015, having spent the previous years working at Benelux retailers.

He was previously at Kingfisher in various commercial director roles and had spent time with Home Retail Group.

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