Marriott is tops for the Asia Pacific hotel pipeline

According to the latest Lodging Econometrics Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline Trend Report, the total regional pipeline (excluding China) has 1,554 hotels with 312,766 guestrooms, down 2 percent by hotels year-over-year.

The region has 844 hotels with 174,302 guestrooms under construction, up 3 percent by hotels year-over-year. 325 hotels with 68,923 guestrooms are scheduled to start construction in the next 12 months, up a strong 27 percent, while 385 hotels with 69,541 guestrooms are in the early planning stage—an 18-percent decrease.

Top Destinations

The top three countries in the Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline, excluding China, are Indonesia with 372 hotels and 61,832 guestrooms, India with 247 hotels and 38,386 guestrooms and South Korea with 182 hotels and 40,339 guestrooms.

Cities with the largest pipelines are Seoul with 154 hotels and 30,456 guestrooms, Jakarta with 112 hotels and 20,410 guestrooms, Kuala Lumpur with 48 hotels and 11,752 guestrooms and Tokyo with 48 hotels with 10,946 guestrooms.

Top Companies

The top hotel companies in the Asia Pacific Construction Pipeline, excluding China, are Marriott International with 238 hotels and 53,986 guestrooms, InterContinental Hotels Group with 121 hotels and 28,278 guestrooms and Hilton with 70 hotels and 15,281 guestrooms.

The largest brand in the pipeline for each of the these companies are: Marriott Hotels with 29 hotels and 7,930 guestrooms, IHG’s Holiday Inn with 45 hotels and 11,676 guestrooms and Hilton Hotels with 24 hotels and 6,102 guestrooms.

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