London just got the first ever contactless payment beer pump

It looks like bartenders are the latest workers to be threatened by robotic replacements.

The world’s first contactless, self-pouring beer pump prototype has been launched by Barclaycard.

Set up in Henry’s Cafe and Bar in Piccadilly, the first-of-its-kind contraption has been dubbed “Pay @ Pump”, and it’s designed to help pubs and bars reduce queuing times for customers buying drinks during busy periods like Christmas.

The ale-pouring device was created when Barclaycard found more than one in four of bar-goers said queuing for drinks was the worst part of nights out – and one in four have considered abandoning a drink purchase because of long bar queues.

Customers can be their own bartenders in 60 seconds now by ordering on the device’s touch-screen menu, tapping their contactless card to the machine and placing their pint under the pump.

Unfortunately for lager-lovers, the beer pump only serves ale.

A fifth of pub-visitors surveyed by Barclaycard said they would like to see pubs and bars install contactless beer pumps to speed up service, so this new venture might be a trendsetter.

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