Dubai ranks 9th globally with hotel rooms supply

Dubai ranks ninth globally among cities with the largest supply of hotel rooms, alongside cities such as New York, Chicago, Bangkok and Washington D.C., according to a new study by travel site Insider Monkey, Gulf News has reported.

The site pegs Dubai’s hotel rooms supply at 100,000 presently available for visitors.

“Dubai is full of beautiful locations, like the Palm Islands (which are shaped like a palm when viewed from above) and the Burj Khalifa, a 160-storey skyscraper,” the travel site said.

The report stated that average daily rate at hotels across the UAE had dropped by 8% in January, driven by an influx of supply.  The country’s hotel sector has recently seen new properties coming online, with at least 5,500 rooms adding to Dubai’s inventory since the beginning of 2016. Properties advertising on home sharing portal airBNB as well as new mid-market and budget hotels are aso adding to the city’s supply, the report said.

The top 10 cities with the largest number of hotel rooms available are ranked in the following order according to the survey by Insider Monkey:

  1. Las Vegas: 152,000
  2. Orlando: 150,000
  3. Paris: 140,000
  4. Barcelona: 120,000
  5. Chicago: 100,000
  6. New York: 100,000
  7. Washington DC: 100,000
  8. Bangkok: 100,000
  9. Dubai: 100,000
  10. London: 90,000

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