PVH CEO named 2016 Responsible CEO of the Year Award

Emanuel Chirico, the CEO of PVH, a marketer of several apparel brands has been named the 2016 Responsible CEO of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded by Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine. The awards are presented to CEO’s who visibly exceed standards in the areas of energy, environment, governance, compliance, human rights, etc.

Emanual Chirico has been with PVH for over 20 years and served as CEO since 2006. – PVH.com

All award winners were nominated by members of the corporate responsibility community and selected by an independent judging panel comprised of previous winners and industry leaders.

The award recognises PVH’s progress, working with various stakeholders to drive positive impacts around the world.

PVH’s corporate responsibility  programme is structured with 10 commitments across three key focus areas, namely, empowering people; preserving the environment; and supporting communities.

The commitments support 14 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, covering issues such as building safety, chemical management, greenhouse gases, inclusion and diversity, and supporting the needs of women and children.

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