Jigsaw sales rise as international and online thrive

Jigsaw has announced an 8% sales rise to £94.7m for the year to 1 October 2016, fuelled in part by an 18% rise in online sales in the UK.

Adjusted EBITDA also rose to £5.7m up from £5.4m in 2015. UK sales edged up to £89.5m. Online sales increased to £19m, up from £15m in 2015.

There was strong growth internationally, as Jigsaw began trading in the Netherlands, incorporated its Australian franchise partner and continued to open concessions in the US. European sales grew to £1.9m, up from £445,000 in 2015. Sales in the rest of the world hit £3.35m, up from £1.78m in 2015.

The company also revealed it had given a total of £493,000 to staff as part of a new John Lewis-style stock plan. Shortly before Christmas around 600 employees who had worked at the retailer for more than a year were given of one share each under the scheme, with he shares worth around £400. The scheme was introduced by CEO Peter Ruis in 2013, as a way to incentivise staff.

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