Bottega Veneta makes music with merchandise to prompt holiday buys

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta is amplifying the sounds of the season with help from some present ideas.

The Kering-owned label’s “Holiday Harmonies” turns gift-ready merchandise into instruments in a band, creating festive rhythms and melodies. Brands often look for ways to enliven their gift guides, turning what could be static product promotion into entertainment.

Tinsel and tunes

Bottega Veneta’s feature launched with a one-minute film depicting its full instrumentation, which was filmed at the brand’s atelier in Italy. Products sit on pedestals with golden microphones positioned beside them.

To start, a man picks up a pouch and taps on the leather, creating a deeply pitched beat. This is then layered with the sounds of two bracelets clinking together, a bow being dragged across a shoelace and the noise of Velcro being ripped apart on a sneaker.

Other sounds include the snap of a clutch being closed and the spray of a perfume bottle.

On Bottega Veneta’s Web site, consumers can explore each of the products’ sounds individually. Once they have selected an item by clicking, they are brought to a new page where they can view a short film featuring only that gift idea.

These shorter clips are also being shared on social media, allowing consumers to experience the campaign in shorter pieces of content.

Other brands have given products musical properties, creating a whimsical promotion.

For instance, French fashion label Kenzo let consumers try their hand at music production through an interactive experience showcasing its spring/summer handbag styles.

For its “Primary Colors,” the brand teamed with the production team behind anime series Culture Sport to create an animation that responds to a track created by the user on a drum machine, with handbags dancing to the rhythm of the customized electronic beats. Involving consumers in the creation of a digital experience helps to further immerse them in the intended message.

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