The Co-Operative introduces single-serve wine pouches

UK retailer the Co-operative has introduced a range of single-serve wine pouches in order to offer a more convenient option for customers.

The Most Wanted 187cl wine pouches, which are available in two varieties, have been developed to appeal to younger consumers and the on-the-go market.

Convenience Innovation

Simon Cairns, head of drinks for the retailer, told, “A big area of focus for us is fractional bottles as 750ml bottles are not ideal for convenience. There hasn’t been enough innovation in convenience and midweek – it’s a more measured consumption driven by desire and budget.”

“You can’t just put a product in there and hope it works. It is similar to craft beer – if you only dip your toe into it, it is not credible enough for someone who buys into the category to go to the Co-op as a destination, so you have to make it credible.”

“Would you convert all your entry-level wines into halves or 50cls? Probably not,” added Cairns. “The things you’ve got to introduce have to be incremental or you risk cannibalising from the existing range. There’s a demographic overlay we need to explore further, which says there is a mid-week occasion we’ve targeted with a particular demographic who are more likely to be buying in certain areas.”

The Co-op recently announced that it is adapting the language it uses to describe wine to communicate to shoppers more ‘naturally’ and directly.

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