Swedish quark leader Lindahls to bring range of products to UK

Swedish quark brand Lindahls will launch in the UK with a range of products in supermarket Waitrose. The company, which commands a leading position in Sweden’s quark category, will seek to capitalise on the growing interest in quark from UK consumers.

In the past six months, Graham’s and Fuel10K have launched versions of quark to appeal to Brits, making it smoother and mixing it with fruit respectively, while fellow Scandinavian dairy company Arla released its own range of quark last month.

Swedish quark leader Lindahls to bring range of products to UK

Quark is natural, high in protein and free from fat, which Lindahls expects will fit in with the expectations of consumers.

The range will debut with a design from brand agency Hornall Anderson.

Mike Chatters, sales director for Lactalis McLelland UK, said: “Lindahls is a proven success in Sweden where is it the number one Quark brand. Our UK research has shown that consumers love the range and find it very differentiated due to the range of flavours and highly relevant due to its focus on health. The launch of Lindahls in the UK as a healthy dairy lifestyle brand demonstrates Lactalis’s commitment to innovation.”

Lindahls Quark UK range comes in three flavour variants: natural, raspberry and vanilla. The natural version is available in 500g pots with a recommended retail price of £2.25 each, while the two flavoured variants are sold in 150g pots for a recommended price of £0.95.

They will launch into Waitrose stores across the UK today.

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