Premier Foods Moves Up In 2016 BBFAW Animal Welfare Listings

UK-based brand owner Premier Foods has made significant progress in its approach to farm animal welfare, according to the annual Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report.

In the latest BBFAW top hundred rating of companies, the maker of Loyd Grossman sauces and Ambrosia desserts has moved to a ‘tier 3’ level, up from a ‘tier 5’ position in 2014.

Mark Hughes, director of procurement and central services at Premier Foods, commented, “We understand that farm animal welfare matters to our customers and we are working hard to show our commitment to improve the welfare of animals in our operations and our supply chain.”

He added that the company was delighted with the BBFAW’s rating and had recently published a series of 10-year goals, to keep its animal welfare policies on track.

Of the companies in the top hundred, 73% have now published animal welfare policies, while 65% have published objectives and targets. In 2012, those figures were 46% and 26% respectively.

Considering the findings of the new report, Nicky Amos, executive director of BBFAW, felt that with 26 companies moving up at least one ‘tier’ since 2015, the food industry had clearly started to treat the welfare of farm animals as an important business matter.

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