Dove body positive campaign offers awkward body shape packaging

Dove’s latest launch in its real beauty campaign has taken a peculiar turn with new bottles designed to mimic the various body shapes of women.

The “Real Body Bottle” campaign offers women a limited edition six bottle type release of Dove body wash packaged in six different bottle types from curvy to long and lean. The idea is that women will buy the shape of bottle that they identify their body type to be.

Dove announced the campaign as it discussed recent research results from the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report. In an official statement, Dove said the study “revealed that one in two women feels social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way.”

Even if consumers are not thrilled with the packaging, Dove and parent company Unilever have sparked a discussion online about beauty and body image which was a main goal of the campaign.

In official statement, it said it hoped women would spread beauty confidence by fighting back, “using their influence to advance the real beauty debate across social media, and helping women embrace their own individuality as a source of confidence.”

The campaign launched in the UK, and while it is sparking a global discussion, it is unclear whether the sales will spread the campaign further internationally.

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