Chobani shortlists six start ups for its food incubator program

US based natural food company Chobani has selected six food start-ups for its food incubator program.

The start-ups selected for the program are Banza, CHOPS Snacks, Cissé Cocoa, JAR Goods, Kettle & Fire and Misfit Juicery which will get a grant of $25,000 each from Chobani to expand their business.

As per the Greek Yogurt brand owner, the program will mentor and assist food entrepreneurs in challenging the food industry with their innovations.

Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya said: “Our incubator is all about sharing what we’ve learned and the first six start-ups are very passionate, innovative and really want to help fuel the food revolution.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for food start-ups to make a difference in this country, and I can’t wait to start our new journey together.”

The food mentoring class will begin in October 2016 and is slated to end in March 2017.

A dedicated space designed at the New York City located Chobani SoHo office will host the program.

The selected start-ups will have nationwide access to the mentor’s plants, R&D and sales offices.

Banza is a maker of nutritious pasta and foods.

CHOPS Snacks makes jerky snacks which are said to be made of natural beef brisket along with 100% natural spices.

Cissé Cocoa is an organic chocolate company while JAR Goods is a maker of specialty foods in jars.

Kettle & Fire makes bone broth said to be made with fresh, organic ingredients.

Misfit Juicery makes nutritious cold-pressed juices using 70-80% recovered fruits and veggies.

It was in July this year that Chobani had announced the food incubator program. The company claims to have received more than 400 applications for the programme which shortlisted six entrepreneurs.

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