Carlsberg is launching a £15m rebrand of its Carlsberg Export

Carlsberg announced it will spend £15m in marketing its Carlsberg Export brand, in a push to save the lager. The new design will reflect the brand’s Danish heritage while giving it a more premium feel.

The design takes inspiration from the cross on the Danish flag and incorporates the signature of founder J.C. Jacobsen and the Danish word for Copenhagen (København).

Carlsberg Export’s new logo (Source: Carlsberg)

The relaunch will continue into early summer 2017 when the limited edition packaging will be launched for the Carlsberg 3.8 per cent ABV beer and the bottle size will increase to 330ml.

Carlsberg is out to change trend-setting millennials’ minds about lager, which has become less fashionable as craft beers and ales take over the market.

The number of consumers drinking standard lager has fallen by 1.1m and the number drinking premium lager has fallen by 430,000, the release said.

Liam Newton, vice president of marketing for Carlsberg UK, said: “In our eyes, the dramatic change in the UK beer market requires bold action, and an even bolder approach, and this lies at the heart of our revitalisation of Carlsberg.”

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