Lululemon threatens to leave Canada

Vancouver-based athletic brand Lululemon Athletica Inc. is warning that the company may have to move its headquarters out of Canada because of the country’s temporary foreign worker program. The federal government rule is a strict regulation which is hindering Lululemon’s ability to hire foreigners and to find specialised talent. The company says this law is limiting its growth potential.

Lululemon in London. –

“In order to continue to grow as a Canadian success story, we require and will continue to require top experienced global talent in the foreseeable future,” the company wrote in a report submitted to the House of Commons Finance Committee, in late July. “Canada currently does not produce enough skilled, specialised experienced workers in our required areas to meet our demand.”

The retailer is seeking an exemption to the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to be able to by-pass this law. Exemptions to this law have already been granted to other industries such as universities and the film industry.

Lululemon employees 1,200 people in its Vancouver head office and over 3,400 employees across Canada. The company is a Canadian business success story that was founded in 1998.

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