Jos van Tilburg yields CEO role of G-Star Raw

The times, they are a-changin’ at G-Star Raw, as the Dutch label opens a new chapter in its history. Founder Jos Van Tilburg, who has been at the helm of the brand since 1989, when it was called Gapstar, has passed on his role to two new successors.

A new chapter begins for G-Star Raw

 He will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors, but will take a step back and pass operational responsibility to Patrick Kraaijeveld and Rob Schilder, who have been appointed as co-CEOs. They have been with the company for several years, the former as Creative and Commercial Director, the latter as the label’s COO.

“I am confident that Patrick Kraaijeveld and Rob Schilder will manage the company as CEOs with the same passion I have had, and will continue to have as Chairman of the Board of Directors,” stated Jos Van Tilburg in a press release.

Earlier in the year G-Star Raw welcomed Pharell Williams as one of its shareholders, and expanded its creative team by hiring Aitor Throup.

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