Dr Hauschka to boost UK, USA, France presence with e-shop openings

German natural cosmetics brand Dr Hauschka will launch its e-store in the UK, the USA and France in the third quarter 2019. The brand, founded in 1967, is growing at a steady pace within an industry, beauty, that is often volatile.

Stability and longevity are imprinted in Dr Hauschka’s DNA, a brand owned by the Wala foundation, which also owns the Wala pharmaceutical laboratories, created in 1937 by Dr Rudolf Hauschka. In France, the brand’s third-largest market behind Germany and the USA, Dr Hauschka is present in 1,500 stores, from natural product shops – the majority of them – to spas, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores. The brand’s French subsidiary was set up in 1989, and since then it has been led by Claudine Reinhard, who is also in charge of the Moroccan subsidiary. In 2018, Dr Hauschka France generated a revenue of €11 million, posting weak growth.

“We started from an unfavourable comparison basis, since in 2017 we grew 20% thanks to the relaunch of our make-up line. A range featuring 83 items which now accounts for 20% of sales, as opposed to 12% before it was reformulated,” said Sophie Roosen, marketing and communication director for Dr Hauschka France.

The brand doesn’t follow a traditional product-launch calendar. In fact, it only introduced one new product in France in 2018. Dr Hauschka’s facial skincare line, notably including the rose day cream, one of its long-established best-sellers (priced approximately €28 for 30 ml), currently accounts for 45% of the brand’s sales.

Dr Hauschka is present in 40 countries worldwide and operates 10 subsidiaries. In 2018, it generated a global revenue of €150 million. Last year, it opened its first e-store on the German market, as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. The launch of the e-shop in France, where Dr Hauschka operates its only retail/spa centre worldwide, generating 5% of the brand’s French sales, will take place this year in parallel with the UK and the USA.