Beauty salons are open – what are the Covid-19 guidelines and rules?

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The government announced that beauty services, including manicures and body massages were allowed to resume from Monday 13 July. However, treatments involving touching of the face – such as facials and eyebrow threading – are still under restrictions. 

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, said in a briefing on Thursday 9 July, “Having allowed hairdressers to reopen, beauticians, tattooists, spas, tanning salons and other close contact services can now do the same, I am pleased to say, from Monday.”

“Of course that will be subject to some restrictions on particularly high-risk services,” he adds.

The news will come as a relief to many beauty professionals up and down the country who have been preparing for the reopening of their businesses for weeks. 

It was announced by Boris Johnson in a briefing on Tuesday June 23 that hairdressers could reopen, but not nail bars, beauty salons or spas. Beauty salons had not been allowed to reopen earlier as it was believed it would be more difficult to mitigate the risk of transmission. Mr Johnson previously said: “We also intend to allow some other close contact services, such as nail bars, to reopen as soon as we can; when we’re confident they can operate in a secure way.”

Following the Prime Minister’s earlier statement, a source from the Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) said “the Prime Minister only said hairdressers from 4 July. Everything else is closed until the government, not the individual, determines it is safe for them to reopen.”

The news of prolonged closure came as a shock to many beauty salons owners who were preparing to open their doors from July 4 along with hairdressers – and with no date proposed for reopening at the time, they have had to keep their businesses closed.

Speaking to The Telegraph previously about the delay in opening beauty salons, Millie Kendall, chief executive of the British Beauty Council said, “I’m disappointed with this announcement. It’s bizarre to me as nails and beauty are so hygiene and safety conscious. They’re probably more prepared than any other service. But I think it’s down to the face-to-face contact, as hairdressers work behind the client, rather than in front like in beauty services. But the government doesn’t know the subtle nuances of our industry, so this news is very frustrating.” 

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