Adidas continues to make headlines for its commitment to environmental protection.

A few weeks ago, the giant German sports outfitter presented the new football jerseys for top clubs Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, created using a yarn upcycled from plastic waste collected from the sea. Now the brand has unveiled its first shoe manufactured using a 100% biodegradable polymer.

The uppers in the new Adidas shoe are reportedly 100% biodegradable – Adidas

The three stripes brand has collaborated with German company AMSilk, a specialist in biotechnology, to create the Futurecraft Biofabric material, from which it has developed uppers featuring Biosteel, a biodegradable fibre which, according to the Adidas, is “5% lighter than conventional synthetic fibres and is the most resistant wholly natural material available.” In terms of quality, Adidas explained that the fibre is a replica of natural silk.

The innovation was presented at the ‘Biofabricate’ conference in New York, and Adidas stated that Biosteel could be used more extensively in some of its performance products in the future.

“This concept is a premium innovation. By using Biosteel fibres in our products, we have reached an unprecedented level of durability, said James Carnes, Vice-President of Global Brand Strategy at Adidas. It is a pioneering step forward, beyond sustainability into bionic innovation territory.”

For the time being, the Futurecraft Biofabric is at the prototype stage. The question is when the industrial version will reach the market.

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