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At BlackBook we know that the success of any Intelligence project is a fundamental understanding of a client’s specific business challenges. The absence of clear understanding and objectives, quickly leads to a broad undefined research which can ask more questions than it answers. To ensure we focus on truly critical business questions, BlackBook spends time meeting the brand and interviewing individuals, to hone in on the specific detail required to set these goals.

Our mantra is to simplify the complex to deliver meaningful insight

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What We Offer

  • A client is looking at the possibility of expanding into a new country or region, perhaps they are already beginning this or they already have a small ‘foothold’. Or a brand is launching a new product line/category, e.g. an apparel business launching beauty line or homeware line and wish to understand how to overcome the challenges.
  • A client is seeking ‘optimal’ structure for a function or business process. For example restructuring to improve efficiency of teams for a lower cost/headcount, or the integration of a growing function (or channel to market) into the existing business structure.
  • This program solves the regular and costly recruitment problems for a brand. Targeted at a functional area which has a systematic recruitment need and is typically challenging to find the correct level of individuals. Continuous recruitment with cost saving fee structures.
  • Clients are considering a purchase of a business entity and whilst they have full financial analytics, there is a need to understand the capabilities of the senior leadership teams in the target business. Or a company is changing ownership type i.e. from a Ltd to a PLC and wish to understand the leadership gaps and capabilities.

Our Process

To simplify the complex on behalf of our client it is important for BlackBook to give each bespoke project a framework. When set in motion our process will answer the business critical questions by providing relevant and impactful research.

Case Studies


A US mid-market fashion brand were planning a rapid expansion in the Europe and APAC markets. Our clients wished to create an expansion plan or ‘road map’, which incorporated examples of expansion successes and failures from competing brands.


Utilising our extensive network and research skills we produced an in-depth report which showcased examples of brands with successful expansions and key areas of risk during this type of growth. This included specific market information, organisational structures of competing brands at various stages of their growth, optimal channels to market in key countries, key partners and agreements for franchise & wholesale distribution.


Having this in-depth insight into their target markets and successful business models, enabled our clients to finalise and implement their expansion plans; which is currently on-going successfully.

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