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“Being Brave & Finding you”

It’s a conversation……

You know what the current Covid-19 situation for many people will have brought up many thoughts – fear, worry, panic, intrigue – hopefully some of us will have had positive thoughts also, many people will have been forced to accept or are having to embrace a new normal, some have had to take action or initiate some changes across their life.

Businesses, many household names, their management and owners are having to make some difficult decisions – we are lucky in the UK that the government in the main are helping both businesses and us as individuals – OK sometimes there will be blockers – Banks, Business Partners (clients, suppliers), or even Work Colleagues – many are fearful, being protective and can’t see the bigger picture or how their actions may affect others. It’s about finding a compromise, a workable solution that leaves both parties with a good feeling and feeling ultimately valued.

I get that for many being on a treadmill is the norm and that’s not right or wrong – for many that’s their lives. I would question if they are happy or just accepting.

If you don’t feel valued – we need to find a solution to change that surely, we all have a choice, or we should have.

In terms of life, I believe that it all starts with me, or if you are reading this you.

  • What am I prepared to accept?
  • Am I prepared to challenge?
  • Can I challenge?
  • Do I have the tools to do that?

The current situation has given many people a time to pause, reflect, to look at what they’re doing, what’s right or wrong? Some people will take the opportunity to make a change. Many will not!!

In 12 months’ time how many people will be doing the same as they did 12 months ago – it’s safe and comfortable right?

They say you can’t buy time, right?

Today it may not look like it, but I believe we have been given a GIFT the ‘GIFT OF TIME’ – An opportunity to Pause, Reflect and the opportunity for many of us to take some action without forgetting what went before.


So, what are you doing or going to do with your time? I am going to use the opportunity to do some personal life clearing – a Spring Clean and I’d like to share with you how I do that.

If you feel it’s time to make a change, no matter how BIG or SMALL then how about using the potential spare time you have to get to know yourself better and make some positive changes and become more self-aware of you and the world around you?

As an individual I believe it all starts with me – Am I happy with life, my career, family, friends………the list goes on. Many aspects of my life are good, my question is what can I enhance or improve so I can live a more honest, rewarding and fulfilled life?

Over the next couple of weeks I would like to take the time to pass on the many tools and tricks that have been given to me that may be helpful to you, many of these tools have made a dramatic difference for me and my business, I want to engage, maybe help to make it a little bit better for us all.

The subjects that I will cover are simple to do and don’t take a lot of time, maybe they will help you to make that change or maybe even have a different insight that will improve you.

  • Finding My Values – It’s simple and are the life blocks to build honest connections
  • Finding Balance – More of what we like, less of what we don’t
  • That Doesn’t Work for Me – Saying no is not a bad thing
  • Creating & Telling Your Story – Do I know my story and how can I tell it
  • Being Braver – How to create a plan to get things done
  • Listening More – Learning to listen – the power of the ear
  • Positivity & Results – Being positive and getting a better result
  • Embracing Fear – It started a long time ago – Identify/Embrace/ Change
  • Making a Difference – A little goes a long way
  • Changing Perception – How am I perceived – what would they say about me
  • Saying “Thank You” – Two words together and the learning
written by The BlackBook Team